Our history

The Group was founded by Jørgen Hansen, who has worked in the transport sector for decades.

He established the Nordic Transport Group in 2011 with the goal of creating one of Europe’s leading transport companies via partnerships with the most highly skilled small and medium-sized players in the business. This model soon proved sustainable. Now, just eight years later, the Group has over 80 companies and more are joining all the time.


  • DAP (UK) Ltd. acquired with offices in the UK
  • TAK International Ltd. acquired with office in Japan
  • NTG Air & Ocean Srl established in Romania


  • Swiss Gondrand Group acquired with offices in China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland
  • NS Transcargo A/S (DK) acquired and renamed NTG Bulk A/S


  • NTG Domestic A/S (DK) established as a startup
  • Polar Logistics with offices in Finland, Poland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Russia,  Netherlands joins NTG
  • NTG Ocean established as a startup with branches in Denmark and Netherlands.
  • NTG Courier A/S (DK) established as a startup.
  • Cargo 2000 (DK) merged with NTG Continent A/S and NTG Nordic A/S in DK.


  • NTG Agencies OY established (FI)
  • NTG Logistics AB – Borås established (SE)
  • New NTG Global branch offices in Kristiansund (NO) and Tallin (EE) established
  • NTG Hungary established as a startup
  • NTG Solution establishes a new office in Kielse (PL)
  • NTG Continent AB establishes a new office in Lübeck (DE)


  • Peak Logistics AB (SE+BE) was acquired in November 2015
  • Itella Logistics in Denmark, Norway and Sweden as well as Posti’s international logistics activities in Finland were acquired in April 2015
  • NTG Uluslararası Lojistik Ltd.Şti. (TR) established as a startup
  • NTG Projects A/S (DK) established as a startup
  • NTG Transport OÜ (EE) established as a startup
  • NTG Poland S.p.o.o. (PL) established as a startup


  • NTG East A/S (DK) established as a startup
  • New Europe Transport acquired and renamed NTG East AB (SE)
  • NTG Hamborg GmbH (DE) established as a startup
  • HC Schmidt and Dahmen Logistics GmbH acquired and renamed NTG Logistics GmbH (DE)
  • NTG Continent AB (SE) established as a startup
  • NTG Terminals A/S and NTG Terminals 2 A/S (DK) established as startups


  • Kettermann GmbH. acquired and renamed NTG Frigo GmbH. (DE)
  • Cargoworld Group acquired and renamed NTG Global A/S
  • NTG Solution AB (SE) established as a startup


  • ATS Cargo uab acquired and renamed NTG Lithuania uab (LT)
  • NTG Frigo Slovakia S.r.o (SK) established a sub-company to NTG Frigo A/S
  • NTG Latvia Sia (LV) established as a startup
  • NTG Växjo AB (SE) established as a startup
  • NTG Continent A/S (DK) establishes a branch in Køge


  • NTG Nordic A/S (DK) Established as a start up
  • EAT Spedition A/S acquired and renamed NTG Continent A/S (DK)
  • NTG Frigo A/S (DK) established as a startup
  • NTG Nordic A/S (DK) establishes branch in Aarhus

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