Nøglen til vores succes er, at du som kunde kan forvente transporter og service af høj kvalitet, hver eneste gang du handler med os. Kvalitetssikring og løbende forbedring af alle vores aktiviteter er derfor en grundpille i virksomheden.

NTG vil fortsætte med at stræbe efter øget kvalitet i vores operation og vi tror, at en ISO 9001:2015 certificering dokumenterer, at vi er forpligtet til løbende forbedringer som i sidste ende betyder succes for vores kunder og vores organisation.

Vi forventer at blive fuldt certificeret i 2. kvartal 2018.

Bekræftelse af aftale om certificering fra Det Norske Veritas Business Assurance Danmark A/S:


NTG Group Quality and Environmental Policy

At NTG, we view our customers as companies with transport – and logistic needs that has to be solved. This is our main service objective.

Our most important asset is our employees, who strive to solve and exceed our customer needs, requirements and expectations. We go the extra mile, for the mutual benefit of all – also in issues involving the environment.

NTG Commitment to Quality

NTG is committed to continual improvement in quality and to follow the principles of the ISO 9001 quality standard. In all business we pledge to:

  • Fulfill the agreed customer quality requirements we have
  • Increase the satisfaction of our customers
  • Ensure adequate resources for monitoring and continually improving

NTG Commitment to the Environment

NTG is committed to provide our customer with the access, to environmentally friendly logistic solutions. We identify and asses our impact on the environment.

NTG is committed to and express our expectations to:

  • Adhering to all relevant environmental legislation and standards, including ISO 14001
  • Reducing the energy consumption of our facilities
  • Reducing waste
  • Considering environmental aspects in procurement and subcontracting
  • Ensure adequate resources to maintain and continually improve environmental performance

All business units and companies are responsible for the environmental effects of their operations and their environmental projects, to guide and to influence.

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