Interim Report Q3 2019

9% growth for the quarter, driven by 6% organic growth. Guidance for the year is maintained.

The Board of Directors of NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S (NTG) have approved the interim report for the third quarter of 2019, which showed continued growth across both segments.

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NTG appointed Logistics coordinator for the Danish Olympic team

DIF NTG Logistics Coordinator

If the Danish athletes at the Olympics and PL are to perform optimally, then everything around them must work. The same goes for the freight, as neither the athletes nor members of the staff should miss any equipment once the fire is lit. For the task of transporting all the necessary items from Denmark to Tokyo, DIF (Danish Sports Confederation) has chosen NTG as the official logistics service provider to the Tokyo Olympics and PL in 2020.

Three years ago, at the Rio Olympics, clothes, bicycles, barbecue equipment, decorations, horses, sleeping bags and a lot of other things in different shapes and sizes were shipped from Denmark to Brazil. This task is now placed in the hands of NTG.

“It is very important that the freight is fully controlled, because it is a complicated operation. Therefore, I am also pleased that I have succeeded in making a deal with NTG. They are specialists in the field, and I’m sure that our collaboration will help give the athletes the best opportunities to perform in Japan next year”, says Søren Simonsen, who is the Olympic Head of Mission at DIF.

“We are very proud to have been selected for this very special transport assignment. We see it as a recognition of our efforts to always adapt our solutions to exactly the needs of the customer and we very much hope, that it can be our small contribution to the inclusion of medals to the team”, says Mikkel Fruergaard, CEO of NTG Air & Ocean.

The Tokyo Olympics will take place July 24 – August 9. The Paralympic Games will take place August 25 – September 6. It is expected that the Danish team will be about 100-120 athletes. Freight will primarily take place by sea in early summer 2020.

Interim Report H1 2019

26.7% revenue growth fuelled by organic growth, including four new start-ups, and three acquisitions.

The Board of Directors of Nordic Transport Group A/S (NTG) have approved the interim report for the first six months of 2019, which showed continued growth driven by strong organic growth, including establishment of four new start-ups as well as the acquisition of UK-based DAP (UK) Ltd., Japanese-based TAK International Ltd. and German-based Nellen & Quack Gronau.

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Annual report 2018

The shareholders of Nordic Transport Group A/S (NTG) have at the company’s annual general meeting approved the annual report for 2018, which once again showed significant progress in both revenue and earnings.

Revenue increased 56% to DKK 4.5 bn (DKK 2.9 bn in 2017), positively affected by the acquisition of the Swiss Gondrand Group in April 2018. In the Road & Logistics division, revenue increased 47% to DKK 3.6 bn (DKK 2.5 bn), while revenue in the Air & Ocean division rose 112 % to DKK 871 million (DKK 410 mln). Adjusted for acquisitions, NTG’s organic revenue growth was 13%.

Press release_Annual Report 2018

Nordic Transport Group A/S (NTG) posts record results for 2018, presents Eivind Kolding as new chairman of the board and plans listing in Q4 2019

NTG posted in 2018, and for the 8th consecutive year since its founding in 2011, a significant increase in revenues and earnings.

The 2018 annual report is expected to be approved and published at NTG’s Annual General Meeting on 4 April 2019.

Eivind Kolding new chairman of the board of directors of NTG
It is recommended to the Annual General Meeting of NTG to elect Eivind Kolding as member of the board of directors, and that the board subsequently constitutes itself with Eivind Kolding as chairman.

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